Lilley Property Inspections also offers pest inspection services, it is essential to make sure that your current or future investment is completely free of pests and germs. Pest inspections can gradually lead to a big financial loss to the owner of the property. Thus, it is essential to check the property regularly to make sure that it is entirely pest free.

Our pest inspection services are undertaken by a skilled team of inspectors, they check for hidden pest infestations as they are hardest to track down. They carry out all the necessary checks to assure if the house or building is infested with pests or not. The detailed report is then provided to the client. Our inspection will give you an accurate account of the condition of the building and you can carry out the necessary pest control measures. Thus, our inspection if carried before purchase can prevent potential buyers from investing in the wrong property.

Our inspection will be highly profitable for your future investments, as you can bargain over the price based on the required number of repairs. This also helps you choose the best option from the lot. Thus, with our services you can be completely assured that you are investing your hard earned money in the right place.

Pest Inspection Melbourne

Pest Inspections Melbourne

Melbourne Pest Inspection

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