Building Inspections PakenhamInspection is a process of looking in detail considering the smallest space and finding clues. We are trained for doing our tasks in various conditions of environment. We understand that every building or structure is onliest and has customised needs and we work according to your requirements. We have a glory of two years of experience in this field and we term our services as Building Inspections Pakeham.

Pre purchase property inspections

Inspections at Liley property inspections are termed as a complex process done with simplicity and focus. As when you invest your money earned by hardships and while spending you think two times before purchasing; we are there for you to give you the perfect information of the property before purchasing. If there are any damages we highlight them so that it’s easy for you to decide and you can ask the selling client to get you this damage repaired or you can negotiate with the price offered by the selling client. We give you a printed report in 24 hrs in our specialised services specially designed for pre purchase property inspections and we term it as pre purchase property inspections Pakeham .These services enable you to hassle free decision making for you.

Building and pest inspection

We are there where pest is there. We don’t remove but reveal you many causes of damage to your property. Generally there are two types of damage i.e. natural and human errors. Natural causes are the caused due to  nature and climatic conditions especially in country like Australia  the climate itself supports production of pest, moss and fungi in your house or commercial places. Sometimes in your new property also the hidden areas or under the depth of your property these elements are present that damage slowly your property as soon as they reach to your property. Human errors are leakage and cracks in your property. We include all this in our Building and pest inspection Pakeham services.

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