Building Inspections MentoneInspection is a complex   process of going in to detail considering the compressed spaces and finding the culprit in your house. We train our people with excelled experience and provide you the best services of building inspections where termites are also inspected by us. Our inspection has special dogs to find termite attack if any. We term our services as Building inspections Mentone.

Pre purchase property inspections

Purchasing property is a big task for you and hence we are there for you. Sometimes this property has many hidden causes like pests and asbestos which may occur in daunting situations in your property. Hence we look forward to help you in making your decision easily and get you Pre Purchase Property Inspections Mentone.

Pre purchase property inspections include various pest analyses and moss analysis and also help by giving you the exact and predefined areas where the damage is found. Due to our gadgets we give you report in the next 24 hrs after the inspection so you can take your decision quick and without any hassle.

Building and pest inspection

Building and pest inspection Mentone includes many other services like we have special dogs for you to find the termite and pest affected areas. We also offer you many other services like we have the perfect moss moisture and pest moisture measures. Also we have thermal tools that use thermal conditions and find termite attack in your property.

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