Maintenance is of utmost importance for any given building or house, hence performing building inspections once in a while becomes important. We at Lilley Property Inspections provide precise and profitable building inspection services.

Our team checks all the aspects related to maintenance in the building be it pests or leakage problem, all areas are covered by our skilled and efficient team. Moreover other problems like structural deformation, dampness , poor drainage etc are also checked by our inspecting. A detailed account is provided to you at the end of inspection which describes the present condition of the building and what are the various areas that need fixing or repairs. Thus, with us you can rest assured that you have found the right company for your inspection process.

Our team is trained for working in various conditions and environment, they understand that every building or house is unique and has a specific set of demands and hence they work according to it. With over 2 decades of experience and knowledge passed on to them, they are all set to deliver superior quality of results to each of our clients.

Building Inspectors Melbourne

At Lilley Property Inspections you will find the best building inspectors in Melbourne. All the individuals on the team are extremely skilled and experienced in our work. Our inspectors are certified and trained to carry out the inspection processes in the best possible manner. The property will be inspected thoroughly and in detail, all the possible corners and areas will be checked by our efficient inspectors and the reports will be provided to the clients within 24 hours. Thus, with our building inspectors you can rest assured that the best quality of service will be provided to you.

Building Inspector Melbourne

Building Inspectors Melbourne

Building Inspections Melbourne

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