Building Inspections FrankstonWe at lilley believe that inspection is an essential process and should be completed using eco friendly and hazardless materials. We at Lilly property inspection believe that a property should be inspected in to the depth   and hence we tend to provide effective and efficient building inspections services Frankston.

We tend to provide you the best asbestos removal services for your unique property. Our distinct report displays the portions of your property needed to be repaired and restored. As house restoration process is also one of the processes provided by us. Building inspections Frankston includes detail reporting of your asbestos and pest affected areas in your house and the report is provided to you in 24 hrs so that you can choose carry out the remedial processes as soon as possible.

Pre purchase property inspections

At Lilley inspections we tend to perceive that for any individual buying a brand new home is an awfully huge and vital decision. We provide effectual and competent pre purchase building inspections Frankston services. Our team is expert in inspecting asbestos and pests in your house and providing accordingly  report We provide you with an intensive examination service which is able to build it sure whether or not it’s enough to invest your  hardly earned cash within the right property or not. Our method includes full property examination with circumstantial   and accurate results.

We then conjointly prepare a definite and correct examination report which is able to provide you with a report as clear as a glass of your property. Any massive or tiny flaws are going to be specially highlighted so if required you’ll be able to do the fixing or repair method. Hence we give you best reports for you pre purchase property inspections Frankston.

Building and pest inspection

Building and pest inspection Frankston we look the maintenance improvement solutions for your property. Also we show and report the dampness and structural deformations on your property. We look forward in developing reports that mentions detailed information of affected areas and areas where new developments are seen and informed in to it. Sewage maintenance and leakage is also reported so your hygiene is not compromised and your money is invested in the right place.

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