Building Inspections BerwickBuilding inspections Berwick sees to it that your house is maintained and gives you an overall idea of getting your house in a healthy condition by reporting about asbestos and deformations formed on your property. Water leakage to pipe maintenance is also taken in to consideration by us. Most of the deformations are produced and developed in to stale water or stagnant water deposits in your house usually cannot be easily found.

 Deformations and damp areas are usually formed near water and sewage pipe leakage where water sometimes remains stagnant. Even the climatic condition of Australia is supportive to these deformations on your structure. We are the one to trust and give you the best report for your property.

Pre purchase property inspections

Lilley property inspections help you to maintain your house and maintain its look for years. For that you need a proper property and before purchasing new property one must inspect. For that we are there for you. After that we look forward to help you looking for damp areas in your new house. Also your new property is thoroughly checked and then given a report of asbestos and how much asbestos is created and needed to be removed will be reported to you. We are excelled in to Pre purchase property inspections Berwick

Building and pest inspection

We are a group in to building and pest inspection Berwick where we help you to get the best pest inspection and in to asbestos formation and checking the pipe connections for water dampness where the formations are made and the moss are created. Pest inspection is a process where the pest from your house is taken by our soldiers in to the radar and uses your arms which are our specialized gadgets to make reports that will satisfy your doubts.

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