Asbestos & Mould

An Asbestos and or Mould problem is an issue that you need to be made immediately aware of.

Asbestos is obviously a major problem, and a very expensive one to fix. Mould is a serious health issue, most people think some bleach and a scrub will get rid of it…not so, mould can live through bleaching. You will need a professional to clear up mould properly.

Termites & Pests

Termites and Pest are much more common than most people realise. Termites can be an especially tricky problem. It is essential to have a Professional Pest Inspection at the same time as a Property Inspection, which we can arrange for you.

Termites, can cause major structural issues if they are not exterminated. You would be amased at how they can sneak into your property and before you know it they will have fully functioning nests that use your property as their food source.

Rising Damp & Other Issues…

Rising Damp, Cracked Tiles, Scratched Floorbaords, Cracked or Split Drain Pipes, Flooding, Rotting Wood…the list could go on and on.

That’s why it is very important for you to use a professional service, like ours to ensure you are informed about any and all issues.

Some properties are healthy, but most properties have an issue or two that you will need to be made aware of prior to purchasing the the property.